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How to Edit ID3 Tags for MP3, WAV, FLAC, M4A Music Files

Free ID3 Tag Editor Tool - Helps You Edit ID3 Tags Easily for Any Music Files

What’s ID3 Tag?

ID3 is a metadata container most used on MP3 audio format. It provides audio data standard for MP3 music files, including Title, Artist, Year, Genre and other great information. All ID3 tags are supported by our common use player software and hardware, like iTunes, Windows Media Player, YME and hardware players like iPod, Creative Zen, Sony Walkman etc.

ID3v1 and ID3v2

Although ID3 is sometimes referred to as a standard, the term applies only in the de facto sense, as no standardization body was involved in its creation nor has such an organization given it a formal approval status. There are two versions for ID3: ID3v1 and ID3v2.

In 1996, Eric Kemp developed a method to resolve the audio data storing problem. Now this method was known as ID3v1, which finally became the de facto standard for storing metadata in MP3s. ID3v2 was created by multiple contributors, which is no relation to ID3v1. ID3v2 tags are of variable size, and usually occur at the start of the file, to aid streaming media. They consist of a number of frames, each of which contains a piece of metadata.

Why We Need to Edit ID3 Tag Information?

We usually collect MP3 music files from disparate sources, like buying music from iTunes, Amazon or other music sites, or sharing from friends, families, or downloading from some music sharing websites, P2P websites. If you buy the music from store, there will be whole ID3 tag stored in these music files. But if you download the music from websites, or shared by friends, the ID3 tag may be broken. So if we want our music organized, we have to find a third-party application of platform to edit the ID3 tag.

Why choose Any Audio Converter?

Any Audio Converter also functions as simple ID3 Tag Editor, allowing you to read, add or edit media ID3-tag information including title, artist, album, album cover, year, genre and track of both original and converted files. You can also write your own comments, add lyric, and embed cover picture to most audio formats. Totally free of charge! Just simply download and have a try.


Step-by-Step Guide on How to Edit ID3 Tags for Any Music Files

Any Audio Converter allows you to read, add or edit media ID3-tag information including title, artist, album, album cover, year, genre and track of both original and converted files if the button Edit Audio Tag is shown in green.

Eidt ID3 Tags

Step 1. Click Edit Audio Tag button and click Edit Tag tab open the following window.

Tag Edit

Step 2. Edit ID3 Tag information including: Title, Contributing Artist, Genre, Album, Year, Track and commen. Click the cover image to add or change the image you prefer.

Step 3. Click Retun to Original Value button to return to the original value or click OK to confirm your change.

Just 3 steps, you can enjoy your music and organize all music files on your computer or any portable devices now.

Note: Click Lyric tab you can add lyric to audio files.


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